zoom r8 not connected

The zoom r8 won’t connect to cubase le ai elements 9. Vst audio setup checked. Zoom r8 plays music on edge. All latest drivers installed. Using windows 10. It has connected before so…

Can you explain what is happening…how do you know it’s not connected, can you select the correct driver??

select well…it shows on the menu…thew it does not show where it should after selected

Maybe there is some issue with Windows hogging the device…try to disable it for Windows audio and see if the ASIO works. Otherwise try a different USB cable, different port etc if you didn’t already.

it records now…using the same driver…thew i can not hear any effects and it doesn’t playback the sound even if i deselect monitor…difference is waves are showing up onscreen…

Set outputs in vst connections.

it says no object selected…

well i can hear sound outside cubase…ive disabled all other playback devices and recording devices except realtek driver which reads not plugged inn…objection!

the guitar recorded still wouldn play

…well that could be your problem.

A screen grab of your outputs tab from the VST Connections would be useful.

a couple of restarts, switch power off-on later…or was it the certain right-click…anyhow…works now

thew now…the volume and play rec stop rew ff buttons on zoom r8 does not work…

and cubase isn displayed on realtek volume control…the standard windows volume control can not be checked…

i have sound on Samsung tv threw HDMI from pc to a stereo and sound from r8 threw headphones on zoom r8

Maybe this is how it works in interface mode.

Correct…Cubase is using asio driver not windows audio.