Zoom Shortcut keyd with apple bluetooth keyboard not working

Hi, I really begin to like Cubasis a lot in combination with an apple bluetooth keyboard and magic mouse. Improves the workflow.

The Zoom - and + shortcut keys are not working according to the list in the settings menu. This is what I experience:
Shift + +: Zoom in horizontally (only + does not work)
-: Zoom out horizontally
Shift + -: Zoom out vertically
Zooming in vertically does not seem to work

I am on an Ipad 6the gen, ios 15.1. Cubasis 3.4. Hope you can solve this in a future update.

Hi @Contrabajo77,

Thanks for your message.

Can you confirm that the correct key command preset is chosen?
If so, what keyboard language is set on your iPad?

& stay safe,

I use the default presets Keyboard setting (the cubase one is not working on zooming). I tried both English and Dutch but both are plain QWERTY keyboards. If I look at the keyboard when you type in + without shift you actually type in = and you can’t type in double Shift to reach shift +.

Hi @Contrabajo77,

Our engineering gave the topic a check themselves using a foreign language keyboard.

Please have a look at the clip below, and let me know if following the steps/using the key combinations accordingly work out for you.

& stay well