Zoom Sound through Cubase


Maybe a bit off topic …

I attend a virtual training through Zoom this week. The sound quality is bad.
Via Cubase I could largely improve & manipulate the real-time sound quality
How can I reroute the sound from Zoom 5.1 through cubase 10.5 to my headphone?

I guess I could send the zoom output via my PC soundcard, and connect it via a cable to the input of my Roland Quad Capture , where I can take as input to Cubase.
But is there also a “software-only” way to route Zoom’s output directly to cubase ?

Thanks in advance for the suggestions.



Depending on your operating system, there are some “Virtual Audio Cable” applications you can use.

If you have a sound card with spdif out/in you can use a short spdif cable to loop back the sound digitally, so no quality loss.

Just make sure with any loopback - digital or analog - that you mute the correct channels/inputs or you will get a massive howl.

Definitely mute your speakers while you try to set this up.

Thanks. I’ll try out the suggestions