Zoom the wave height per track

I recorded a band. Most instruments have fine wave froms, not clipped, not to soft. But for some reason the DI input of a guitar was recorded very soft (but stil usable, just for a demo).
The top-right slider will let me zoom the height of the wave form, but then ALL tracks zoom. Especially when I wnat to do some time warping I want to be able to compare the wave forms.
Now I have choice:

Why not normalise your audio tracks so they are all the same levels and then just use the pregains to adjust to suit ,then you won’t have the zoom per track issue


Or just use “Event Volume” to bring the event to a higher gain level.


yep, ‘Event Volume’ was what I was looking for, thanks!.
(for reference: select the quiet events in a track, grab one of the middle-top drag handles and drag up)