Zoom to cursor when nothing selected

I have not found any option to zoom to cursor when nothing is selected… Does anybody think it would be a good idea to have this option (or even as default behaviour)?

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There’s no such option currently, correct.

And that’s an excellent idea. Zoom and navigation functionality has been much discussed, so I’m hopeful improvements are forthcoming. This would be a great addition.

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Thanks Dan! Let’s wait for improvements, then.

There are other programs I’ve used where a canvas zooms in on a cursor and I’ve always loved it. Odds are I want to zoom in to click on something where the mouse is, so I’d love it if they added this in V3.

We don’t have plans to add this feature in the near future. We fixed the remaining problems with zoom moving in an unreliable fashion during the 2.x cycle (note: I said zoom, not navigation) and we believe that zoom, at least, is in good shape for the time being.

I don’t understand this request. Zoom to cursor when nothing is selected ? Surely there is no cursor if nothing is selected. Or do you mean zoom in to some level to wherever the mouse pointer is?
With scroll and zoom functions on most modern input devices, is there a need for that?

Yes, they mean to zoom to the position of the mouse cursor. This would probably be more useful on Windows than on macOS, because multi-touch trackpads and fluid scrolling/zooming are still the exception rather than the norm on Windows.

It would still benefit many of us. Due to carpal tunnel pain, I use a Kensington roller ball mouse, (I’ve also used vertical mice for both hands) so I unfortunately do not have the pinch to zoom options readily accessible at work. I certainly respect the team’s decision, however it would be much more convenient for someone like me to move the mouse where I want it and then zoom in to that spot, rather than just zooming to center requiring me to make multiple vertical and horizontal adjustments manually as the perspective changes.

EDIT: I do realize that this is mostly circumvented by clicking on an object and Dorico will center on that. This is indeed helpful behavior, although I find that often, when zoomed out, I get stems, rather than noteheads, and they do not behave the same. (Similarly, they behave differently than noteheads when trying to make into system in engrave mode.)

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What is the behavior for zooming on Dorico for iPad? When you pinch, is the point of zoom the center of the display? (Why would it ever be this way?) Or is it midway between the two touch zones, like any other decent app?

Let’s say it’s the way it should be for iPad Dorico, where the point of zoom is between the two fingers. Why doesn’t zooming behave this same way for the desktop version with a trackpad? i.e., every single laptop, and many, many MacOS desktops with the magic trackpad. This is the way it should be.

Let’s also say the Dorico devs decided to make the zooming the way it should be on desktop for those with a trackpad (currently it is not). Why not extend this optimized behavior to those using a mouse? In other words, the zoom occurs where the mouse pointer is, as long as nothing is selected.

This way, an accompanying scroll/pan is not necessary. The user can zoom to where they need to be without the extra scroll/pan.

Daniel, I certainly hope zooming behavior is NOT finished for Dorico. I will not be migrating to Dorico until this zooming behavior is at least made available as an option. What exactly do you mean by “zooming vs navigation”? Is this to say that we will be able to zoom and pan (navigation?) simultaneously like normal on a trackpad, like how I’m describing?

Anyway, how long would it take to add this in C++ and add a simple toggle switch in the preferences? One hour at most maybe?

Why hasn’t it been done?

Or, maybe they should just add the behavior as an option for the next update. Can be selected with a toggle switch in user preferences.

It would be useful to anyone using a trackpad, which is everyone on a laptop and a significant number of users on the magic trackpad. The current behavior on trackpad even in 3.5.12 is not intuitive. It requires one to pinch to zoom and then swipe/scroll/pan (whatever) to the location the user needs. One should be able to put two fingers down and manipulate the score so when they pinch, the zoom location is midway between the two fingers. When one zooms on a mouse, the point of zoom should be where the mouse pointer is. Why has this not been done yet, at least as an option?

Welcome to the forum, realdealpeel. Maybe not the best start though.

Maybe, you’re right, Dan. But I didn’t ask to be criticized.

I only asked: Why hasn’t the requested zooming capability been made available yet, when it’s a relatively simple thing to add? At least as an option not selected by default?

Xavier’s original post is over two years old now. The problem still has not been fixed or even put into motion. And this is actually a problem, not only a feature request. Fixing the zooming behavior would benefit power users of course. But more importantly, it would benefit those needing the accessibility.

Please don’t post the same material in multiple threads, Eric. I understand that this particular aspect of the software is of great importance to you, and we welcome the feedback, but we don’t welcome lots of repeat posting. Please be assured that I read every single post here on the forum, so I won’t miss something if it is only posted once.

Please also try to refrain from assertions about how difficult or easy something might be to program. Even the most experienced software developer will be wary of making categorical statements about how long something will take if they are not intimately familiar with the codebase of the system in question. If it were possible for us to add an option like this in an hour, or even a day, there’s a good chance that we would have done it by now, but it’s certainly not as simple as that. Zooming is intimately connected to the way the score view is automatically moved around as you edit and change the selection, and any changes to this area of the program need to be made with great care.

I understand that this is a very important issue to you, and I’m glad to read your feedback.