Zoom to Locators Issue


I am on version 6.5.4. I have this weird issue.

Scenario/Sequence of events:

  1. I want to edit MIDI for a certain section of a track and I click on F7 (which i have set to the Zoom to Locators function by keyboard shortcuts).
  2. I am now zoomed perfectly on the loop/cycle that I want to edit (Zoomed to Locators).
  3. I double-click my MIDI file and do my edits
  4. I close the MIDI editor window by clicking the X on the top right of the window as I always do

–Suddenly Cubase display is showing the beginning of track instead of the Loop/Cycle that I had zoomed into.

This was not happening before. Normally after # 4 above, after closing the MIDI editor I would see the same Loop/Cycle view that I had zoomed in on. I have to keep clicking “Zoom to Locators” again and again if I want to edit some other part of the Loop/Cycle that I had zoomed into

Anyone notice this?