Zoom Toggle


Would love to see a Zoom Toggle sort of function (Pro Tools and Logic both have this) - basically a single key command that toggles zooming into a selection / region and back out to the previous zoom level. The zoom in level can be set manually (I personally like to go full screen / zoom fit to the selection).

Haven’t been able to figure out a way to do this in Cubase already (probably some combo of zoom to selection and undo zoom?).


Already got it :wink: MemZap Zoom Function | New Features in Cubase 7 - YouTube

Thanks! I tried Zoom Mem and Zoom Zap and it doesn’t quite function the same way. Really, Zoom to Selection is the right feature, but unfortunately, it doesn’t toggle - which is why you need the undo zoom as well.

UPDATE: I ended up doing that - key command for zoom to selection and one for undo zoom. Works pretty well. The only issue is there seems to be a limit to the vertical zoom for a track? Wonder why they did that.