Zoom tool modifier please

Title says it all!

Why use the zoom tool when the modifiers are already there using the object selection tool? I never understood the need for so many tools in Cubase.

CTRL + Mouse Scroll wheel zooms horizontally

There’s also a bunch of key commands that can be assigned to zoom presets and track heights.

The zoom tool feels like ancient remains of the old days. A lot of the newer DAW have only 1 or 2 smarter tool. Cubase is one of the oldest DAW and it certainly shows in this particular area.

I never use more than the object selection tool and the range selection tool. Everything else has Key Commands.

All of that being said, Cubase could make assigning modifiers a lot easier. That I agree with. REAPER is much more configurable and much better at that.

If I can zoom both vertically and horizontal with a mouse I wouldn’t need a zoom tool or a modifier. I just got use to holding cmd down on a Mac in logic and having to quickly zooming in on a waveform. For quick edits

I use a 2 specific key commands to zoom in/out the selected track height. I use shift + those key command to zoom in/out the actual waveforme. I also use a key command to zoom all track heights to 2 rows and another one for all tracks to 4 rows.

I got used to ctrl+mouse wheel alongside key commands for all my zooming needs. I dont remember exactly if this is default or not but my selected track height key command also work for zooming in chrome and many other softwares. All of which seem a more convenient than a zoom tool.

I’m a shortcut fanatic so I’m using a Corsair k57 with a bunch of remaped keys and macros along side a Stream Deck XL. If you’re interested in that, you can look into an app called Metagrid. I’ve used it for a while but replaced with the Stream Deck not so long ago.