Zoom tool modifier?

Is there a zoom tool modifier like logic? I can’t seem to find one if there is one. I know about switching to a zoom tool but would like to hold cmd-opt and have a zoom tool appear. This way I don’t have to keep switching tools for no reason. Thanks

Do you specifically need the tool? You could consider just using Ctrl + mouse wheel instead.

I don’t know about logic.

I use G & H to zoom in and out mostly. also the mouse on top of the timeline is handy for me, once the mouse pointer turns in to a 4 way arrow sign you can just hold down the mouse button and drag mouse up or down to zoom, or left and right to move around the project. Then you have the option to use CTRL + mouse wheel (or even Shift + Mouse wheel), There is also the line in the right corners of the sequencer windows which you can easily access for this purpose.

so I almost never use the zoom tool in the toolbox

No, Cubase don’t have the CMD+click&drag behavior. Instead you can CMD+mouse weel for zoom in and out horizontally

If you mean using the Z in Logic to zoom to selection then clicking blank space and Z to whole selection i just created two macros for that behavior.
I also miss Logics sensible zooming as well but the macros work pretty close.
Let me know if you want them.

In the last few years I’ve been relying more and more heavily on the Project Overview to adjust my zoom, it is pretty fast and precise. What I like best is it is one stop shopping for adjusting both where you are on the Timeline and the zoom level. I think it is hidden by default so it needs enabling in the Project Window.

Of course G & H still get a bunch of use.

Often overlooked are Zoom Mem and Zoom Zap. Zoom Mem temporarily saves your current zoom state. Then if you change your zoom, Zoom Zap will toggle between your current zoom and the zoom stored using Zoom Mem.

Also getting heavy use is a Macro that sets the Locators to the currently selected Part(s) and then Zooms to Locators.

I never use the Zoom Tool

I mean holding cmd and a zoom tool just shows up and I can quickly zoom in on anything I drag the zoom tool too. Hopefully they can add zoom tool modifier one day.

Sure I would appreciate that macro.

Yes it would be great if we could assign the zoom tool to the cmd!

Here’s my workflow as close as I can get it to Logics Z key command.

To Zoom in to selection I use the pointer Lasso to select then press D ( assign any you like )
Here’s my macro for that Zoom in:
Screen Shot 2020-11-24 at 11.06.47 PM.png
Then to Zoom back out to full project ( the existing ones don’t do it quite like Logic )
With this one you don’t have to first select a blank space in project…just execute your chosen Key command.
Screen Shot 2020-11-24 at 11.06.25 PM.png

Thanks I will try them out!