Zoom Tracks N Rows - Possible to avoid dialog box?

Hey guys,

Zooming my track heights to 8 rows works really well for me. But every time I hit my KC for Zoom Tracks N Rows, I need to manually enter the number 8 in the dialog box that pops up, which is annoying if you zoom to 8 rows all the time. Is there any way around this?

There is no direct KC for Zoom Tracks 8 Rows unfortunately…

I have tried Zoom 8 Tracks of course, but its behavior is different and I really prefer to Zoom Tracks 8 Rows.

Anyone got an idea?


Unfortunately not with Cubase only. You can’t even make a Cubase Macro for this, because you can’t type a letters in the Macro.

Actual you can create your own KC for whatever track height you would like with a combination of Macros and PLE. It’s a pain to set up but awesome once done.

e.g. Use KC -Zoom Tracks 4 rows- and then increase/decrease height with Zoom out/in tracks commands.
Create a PLE that selects all tracks and then executes your macro.

You should be able to accomplish this and have your own custom track height macro.

Yeah, this is too bad. I would love to combine the Edit Info Line KC with the TAB key :slight_smile:.

Seems like the best work-around, Evertone. Thanks!

What about using Workspaces?

You might want to assign zoom mem and zoom zap to keys.
Really useful for many things, as it also remembers the play head position.

Zoom factor is not included in the Workspaces.

Oh… I just did a test and it worked. I was able to change from 8 rows to 1 row zoom with Workspaces.

Ok, then just the horizontal zoom is not included.

Looks like track zoom is included in Workspaces, but also horizontal zoom, which is not what I want… Same with ZoomZap.

I only want the track height to change.

Evertone’s solution works best for me, although I would love to see direct KCs for Zoom Tracks 8 Rows / Zoom Tracks 7 Rows / Zoom Tracks 6 Rows / Zoom Tracks 5 Rows.