Zoom very slow

Does anyone find the zooming very slow? (Using keybord commands G and F).

I think there´s even less steps than in Cubase 5.5.2, but it´s much slower in C6. And I think 5.5.2 zoom was very slow too. It makes working and editing very clumsy.

I need more steps to make the zooming smoother, but much much more speed!

So please Steinberg, focus on the snappiness of your program!

What’s your system?

Moves pretty snappy on my lappy… :smiley: Might wanna show some specs and how heavy the load the project is consuming.

If it’s that slow…maybe they shouldn’t call it “Zoom”.

Speed and dopey joke aside, I have to agree that Zoom works about as clumsily as it possibly can in this program. If the Zoom tool worked like it does in Photoshop, I’d actually use it.

KBJ: It’s impossible to tell what’s going on until you give a clue as to what you’re running. Post some system info, huh?