Zoom with the mouse scroll wheel


In the Key Editor I can use the scroll wheel + COMMAND (Mac) to can zoom horizontally, but I can’t find a way to scroll vertically with the mouse scroll wheel. Any solutions?

Do you mean you can’t find a way to ZOOM vertically with the scroll wheel? Not possible as far as I know. Would be good to have a modifier for this though. Perhaps Ctrl+Shift (on Windows anyway. Not sure what would be best on Mac).

Not sure if this might be of interest:

I use it on left hand operations and it translate keyboard actions on any software to button, ring or jogwheel actions.
Just install driver and plugin on usb. It identifies every process, so you can have different setups for different software.
Two units each system.

for mac I do this;
Command + 2 finger swipe up (or down). on the trackpad
you can also just use h or g

to zoom in the other axis, use

  • shift + g
  • shift + h