Is it possible to zoom the contents of individual audio tracks?

Z will zoom the track exclusively.

On my setup, Z the second time puts all tracks to 1 row high, which I don’t want, so I have Shift-Z set up as a Key Command for the pref Edit > Enlarge Selected Track, which I find very useful indeed.

Nice. I usually have my tracks at 1 row height so I’ve never noticed it does this. But that’s a good tip. Thanks for the heads up.

You’re welcome!

Thanks Crotchety! Great tip :slight_smile:

I got a bit annoyed with the behaviour of track size recently. I use enlarge selected track, which means you work with 2 sizes (selected track and unselected track.) You can’t change the ‘unselected track’ size though, because when you try to change it, it gets selected and as such you are changing the selected track size.
Any idea on how to solve that other than toggling the preference like Crotchety just described?

Not without toggling (he said…). It’s so quick, though, with Shift-Z (and you may want to choose a different combination because if you mis-press the Shift you get the normal Z zoom and have to redo the track sizes, although I think there is an Undo Zoom command that might save a bit of work, never tried it, only just thought if it).

Anyway, I don’t leave it set, I just hit it when needed so it acts just like a command, not a pref.

Select all tracks first and then resize? Or would that also change back to the same situation, once you select one track again?

Cheers, will try this when I’m back at the grindstone.

Doing this you are still changing the selected track size, not the unselected track size. I got around it using the vertical zoom controls, but I can’t find a way to make some tracks small when unselected and others large when unselected, other than disabling the previously mentioned pref first and then enable it again after you got all the sizes set.