Zoomed Clips Look Very Different in WL8 Compared to WL5/6

Hi ,

I Zoomed identical clip in WL8 looks very different then in WL5

Clip in WL5 Zoomed to 1x12500
Clip in WL5 Zoomed to 1x12500.gif
Same Clip in WL8 Zoomed to 1x12500
Same Clip in WL8 Zoomed to 1x12500.gif
WL5 seems to shows more detail while WL8 is almost a solid color box. Can you explain why they look so different with the same zoom level?


WaveLab 5 was not displaying all peaks, this was a bug.

It might help if you used the same recording sample for each screen cap.

Images and Words has vastly better dynamic range (Much cleaner waveforms) than the other selection (seems you have Octavarian) showing in the second screencap.

Also unrelated - but are you really adding a brickwall limiter AND loudness maximizer to a Dream Theater recording? :slight_smile:



I was posting a several questions to the forum along with screenshots and wanted to do all the screenshots at once to be able to just insert them as I was writting. Sorry for the confusion.

So here is the the first song on DT-Octavarim zoomed out(12500) in WL8 and then WL5 they do not look at all alike
Clip Zoomed to 12500 in WL8.gif
Same clip Zoomed to 12500 in WL5.gif

Ok, It looks like I found out why.

In WL5 under Options/Preferences/General/Tab…their are 2 options for “Wave Form Display”

  1. Favor Speed
  2. Favor accuracy (Peak Detection)
    WL5 Preference for Waveform Display - Favor Speed.gif
    WL5 Preference for Waveform Display - Favor Accuracy Peak Detection.gif
    Is this option available in WL8?

No, because WaveLab 7/8 have both speed and accuracy.

Hi PG,

Thanks for the clarification on this

If I can get the other posts answered that would be great