Zoomed Dragging and Dropping of Audio Extremely Slow

Hi there,

I’m sure many other people have this issue, but thought I’d report it as a bug.

When entering a self-contained audio part (containing more than one piece of audio), attempting to drag and drop any of the audio while zoomed in any amount will cause Cubase to respond extremely slowly. The more zoomed in you are, the slower Cubase will respond.

Steps to replicate:

  1. Drag two pieces of audio onto a single audio track on top of one another.
  2. Use the glue tool to glue them together into a self-contained audio part.
  3. Double click the audio part.
  4. Move one of the audio parts down underneath the first audio part so they’re running parallel (as if working on multiple takes).
  5. Zoom into the audio enough so you can see the waveform shape.
  6. Drag whichever audio forwards or backwards (right or left).
  7. Cubase will now take some time to update the display, and you’ll have to wait for a few seconds to minutes until the audio has moved, depending on the zoom level.
  8. Now zoom right in to near maximum zoom and drag and drop one of the audio parts. It’ll now take several minutes to half an hour for Cubase to update the display. Either that, or Cubase will stop responding and you’ll have to enter Task Manager to shut it down and try again.

My system:
Windows 10 Pro (x64)
Cubase 12.0.70

Hey Jim! Not ready to test it out yet, but I want to post this in case I forget. Does this happen both with “Audio - Interpolate Audio Waveforms” preference On and Off?

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It happens with the interpolation feature either enabled or disabled. However, I seem to be able to drag and drop much faster now with interpolation disabled.

Cheers, Jim.

Think I’ve figured out what causes this issue.

My hypothesis:
While attempting to drag and drop a large audio file while zoomed right in, I believe it’s trying to update the waveform display off screen. With such a large audio file (tens of minutes long), and while zoomed in, there’s a TON of waveform data that needs to be updated (graphically or in memory), even though it’s off screen and not currently visible.


  1. Massively shorten the audio part being dragged and dropped (so it’s only a couple of seconds long).
  2. Zoom right in
  3. Drag and drop your audio part how you want (to time-align and other such things)
  4. Zoom out and expand the audio part back to normal
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