Zooming and playback

Artist 8.0.3

Probably a dumb question, and I’ve been using cubase since AI 4, so forgive my ignorance. I’d like to know how I can use the mouse to zoom into an area that doesn’t focus onto the cursor during playback. If I click the beat/time bar, and drag downward, it zooms the field, but then the cursor/playback jumps to where my pointer is. If I use the bottom corner buttons, or my keyboard shortcuts for zoom, the screen keeps centering to the cursor.

For example, say I’m listening back and hear something I want to edit. Sometimes I want to let playback continue while zooming in on an area and making a quick change. Obviously, I want to hear the change in context, but sometimes I just want to keep listening for more issues, letting playback roll seamlessly, then come back later and hear it with fresh ears.

When I watch videos and the users are on protools, it looks like their able to interface with it in terms of zoom and part selection more efficiently. Then again, maybe this can be achieved and I just don’t realise it.


You could use Alt modifier + Mouse Scroll wheel. Or, you can use the Zoom tool.