Zooming and position while switching layouts

Is it possible to get the same zoom and position while switching layouts? See GIF for what is happening


You can set default zoom level for both page views and galley views in General Preferences at any time (changing as needed) and the zoom levels can be different for both. This may help. I believe Dorico could improve on zooming as far as positioning is concerned.

Dorico remembers the last zoom level and position for each layout that you’ve edited, which I think is on the whole helpful. In your specific case, Cees, where every part is one page in duration, and they all use the same page size and orientation, it would theoretically be possible for Dorico to keep each page in the same position on the screen and at the same zoom level when switching between them, but in general terms that’s not really practical, because the number of pages and orientation is quite likely to differ. And I suspect that it might be just as annoying to find that when you are zoomed in looking at one layout, when you switch to the next, it is suddenly zoomed in to an apparently random area.

I don’t know what is happen exactly: since I changed the zoom level in the preferences from 200% to 100% and back to 200% it works a lot better. It was the first time to change that option in the preferences.

When I switch between two tabs e.g. one shows full score the other one a part of the score then the part view (here 2nd tab) always switches to another zoom level in page view (here to 76%) even when I set it to full page view. As soon as I switch to full score and then back to the part score the part score is set back to 76%.

I have attached a video to show it.
Because of the limited fie size the movie is not on a high quality.
switching Tabs.m4v.zip (1.11 MB)