Zooming at some levels shows wrong waveform data

Actually, it is showing the waveform for the next clip, even when they aren’t touching. The clips were at one time made into a part, and grouped, but now are not. Zoomed out, all is well, then at a certain point the waveform becomes the area of the next clip if its edge was slipped out. Then as you keep zooming it goes back to the correct data again.

Picts of two consecutive zoom levels of the same clip.

Screen Shot 2013-07-29 at 5.59.45 PM.png
Screen Shot 2013-07-29 at 6.02.41 PM.png

Anyone else seeing this? It makes it impossible to edit a clip when its showing the wrong data when zoomed in!

Trashing the image files folder for this project, forcing Nuendo to rebuild, solved the issue.


That’s the one.


I have seen the same issue, and yes, it can be very frustrating.


I used the Bounce Selection function to get to redraw the file, without having to restart Nuendo.