Zooming, ch width and key commands

Currently, as I always have, I have kcs for zooming

Z is for zoom > zoom in
altZ is for zoom > zoom out

This has always worked as expected, and still does. Except, now, it doesn’t when the mixer is in view. When it is, those kcs change the width of the mixer chs. When it’s not, those kcs do work.

This is a PITA. If you, for ex., make a fader move, and then want to zoom into something in the project, you can’t. Is this a bug, or is this something that someone thought was a good idea? B/c TBH, it really isn’t. May we please have seperate kcs (would be seperate functions, I guess) for zooming in the project, and changing the ch width?

Thank you.

Works here, you have to select the window to have focus.

And when you click the Arrange window, after adjusting your fader… (switch focus) what happens then…?

Sounds like this could get very annoying, very quickly mind - someone else has posted about similar annoyances with KC’s when the mixer is being open; its a biggish thread. Maybe SB will see that…

EDIT [Oops! guitman beat me to it, maybe…? :wink:]

Yeah - that’s the problem.

THEN it works - but that’s the point. You shouldn’t have to click the arrange window to get the zoom commands to work.

There’s a thread in the issues forum about the focus thing and MC. Might want to add your two cents there.

Good idea.

I couldn’t find it in the issues forum, must still be here somewhere.

Mixer Key Commands don’t work unless mixer is “Selected”

Is that what you were referring to?

Could be, seems to be the same issue looked at from the opposite angle. :wink: