Zooming Function on Trackpad

How is the zoom function designed to work with ‘pinch’ finger gestures on the trackpad?

I’m sort of expecting the cursor position to be the center point of the zoom focus.

But, the effect however, is for the score to shift up and to the left. and I have to pan over to get the part I’m working on centered on the screen.

Not sure if there are any settings which can be adjusted here… or perhaps a better way (for me) to ‘think’ about how the (pinch) gesture scales and positions itself on the screen.

Happy to finally have this software activated on my computer… time for the learning curve to begin.

Take Care,


Zooming long distances with the trackpad can feel a bit strange at the moment, certainly, and there are things we want to improve. Having something selected before you zoom makes it a little less peculiar but there is more work for us to do here.