Zooming in and moving parts in the part editor renders Cubase unresponsive for minutes

Doesn’t always happen, but very often when zooming in on the waveform of an audio track in the part editor and trying to shift a part by a couple of milliseconds, the editor freezes for a couple of minutes. Sometimes it freezes forever (just happened again).

I’ve seen this a lot with Cubase 9.5.0 , 9.5.10, 9.5.20, and 9.5.21 - not sure if this already happened with 9.0.x.

Windows 64 Bit, 16 GB of RAM, i5, free disk space is sufficient.

Cubase has been unresponsive for more than 5 minutes now. CPU is at 60%, GPU keeps jumping to 70% - 73%, stays at it for a couple of seconds, then returns to 0%. NVIDIA GeForce GT 520.

Updating your GPU’s drivers might help.

Which exact CPU model do you have? Your Nvidia GPU is extremely underpowered, and it’s very possible that you’ll be able to achieve better performance by using your CPU’s graphics processor instead.

It’s also worth mentioning that corrupt prefs could cause something like this. It’s trivial to start Cubase in safe-start mode, so it’s worth the effort.

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