Zooming in Cubasis

Can I humbly suggest that the zooming in the key editor needs work. At the moment (1.5) it’s “doing what I say, not what I mean” - translating my finger movements into zoom and requiring me to be very specific with how and where I move my fingers. What we need is for Cubasis to “do what we mean, not what we say”. Just take at look at the zooming in Garageband - the concepts are exactly the same, but Garageband seems to translate finger movements into meaningful zoom.

Hope this make sense.

hey 3sl,

Sure thing! We agree! The zooming in Cubasis can be improved. There’s a bunch of forum users and testers already complained about it and we have it on our ToDo list.

kind regards

Great! Didn’t see it in your list of (1) Known Issues in Cubasis! :wink: