Zooming in on frames in engrave mode

A small observation.

When I zoom in and out with Z and X in engrave mode, Dorico mostly does an excellent job on keeping what I just have selected in focus. However, this does not work with frames: with frames toggle on, selecting a small, single frame like the title, zooming will always move the frame out of sight.

Is there some other way of zooming in on a frame?


I realise that I can use pinching on the touch pad, that will always keep what’s on screen centered. I like Z and X though, so I’d be very happy if they could behave the same way.

Thanks for reporting this: I’ll make a note of it. There is certainly more for us to do on trying to keep the right thing in view when you zoom in and out.

Thank you Daniel.

I also just found that the same problem exists in Engrave mode, with note spacing turned on and a handle selected.