Zooming In Sample Editor Window Problem

Hello SteinWorld!

I am having an issue in the Sample Editor window where once I zoom in past a certain point, the waveform disappears.

Steps to creating this issue:

Record a sound

Double click the sound to open the editor window

Drag the start tab to a point where you see the waveform

Zoom in

The audio disappears

Any advice that remedies this issue is greatly appreciated.

Am I the only one having this issue?

Not experiencing that problem here

I was having the same problem: In the sample editor, if I try to zoom in to a zoom value lower than 1, the waveform completely disappears. All is fine however above 1.

Through trial and error, I discovered that the problem only exists if the VariAudio selection in the column to the left of the sample editor window is selected. Once I unselected VariAudio by clicking that button again, or by selecting one of the other choices such as Range or Hitpoints, the color of the waveform changed and I was able to zoom all the way in as expected.


Thank you StudioRay,

Once I clicked off VariAudio I was able to zoom in all the way.