Zooming in Score Editor page view on Mac, weird lines

Hi! New computer, new Cubase but same old bugs/issues (and a brand new one too!)
I’m on a new MacBook Pro M1 14" (running Monterey, 12.3.1) and I’ve just installed Cubase Pro 12.0.1.
In Score editor, page view, Cmd + mouse wheel scrolling (or trackpad scrolling or Magic Mouse scrolling on the surface) does not zoom as expected: the page as a strange behavior, zooming in and out by its own, is it impossible to find the right page zoom.

This was exactly the same with C11pro on my old iMac, and now with C12pro both on the old iMac and on the new Macbook.

But I can see a brand new issue on my MacBook, with C12pro, of course: On the rulers, in page mode of the score editor, both the rulers at the top and on the left of the page, when I move the mouse in the page, some strange white lines appear and remain on the black rulers. And they don’t disappear until I move again the mouse, over them.

Anyone else have these problems?

Steinberg, please fix it!

These are graphics problems. I don’t have a Mac, but I added some info to your title to get the attention of people who do. Maybe you’ll get an answer.

Cubase is working on machines with your config.

thank you steve.
I can attach an image of the weird lines on the rulers.
They appear when I move the mouse in the editor.
Zooming issue (the main problem for me) occurs instead when I scroll the mouse wheel. (I should record a video to show this).

So, non one than me has those problems (or just one of them)? :sweat:
I have the “zoom problem” with two different Macs and different Cubase Pro versions.

Have you tried the routine troubleshooting stuff, mainly, Cubase Safe Mode, disable prefs?

Yes, of course steve!
I’ve tried also on a fresh, clean, installation of the OS (macOS Monterey 12.3…1) and Cubase Pro 12.0.1, no plugin installed, no audio card driver (except the internal MacBook audio, of course).

It could be very useful if someone here on Mac (Intel/Silicon doesn’t matter) tried in his Cubase, Score editor, page view. Just a second to check if (1) zooming with mouse wheel/Magic Mouse/fingers sliding on trackpad has strange effects, and/or if (2) just moving the mouse pointer leaves those weird lines on the rulers.

Thank you