Zooming into selected event key command not working?

When I option+S which is supposed to zoom into selected event, it zooms into a much wider section of the track rather than just the event?

Also, shift+E does not work for me for some reason, yet isn not assigned to anything else? Anyone know what I’m doing wrong?


Could you attach a screenshot, how does it work to you, please?

Regarding to Shift + E, you can try to press this Key Commands, then you can open the Key Commands window. The last triggered function is selected. Or you can try to assign this Key Command to any function in the Key Command window. The already assigned function will be written on the message (to inform you, this Key Command has been assigned already).

Hi Martin

Attached is a screenshot - the audio part does not fill the screen.

When I press Shift E I get an Mac error noise. I have shift E assigned to the zoom to audio part, but it doesn’t work.


I’m sorry, I don’t see the attachment.

Strange - should be here now


Do you mean Zoom to Selection? I can’t see “Zoom selected event” Key Ccommand.

It works to me here.

Hi yes zoom to selection. I just use Alt S I think you recommended before and that works fine. Thanks