Zooming the in-place editor?

Is there a way to zoom vertically in the in-place editor? For instance if I wish to just see one octave at full track height.

The commands that do this in the key editor (shift-h/g) just change the track height, not the zoom.

Google and the manual aren’t doing me any favours here. :blush:

Page 802 of the manual seems to have eluded you…:stuck_out_tongue:

Is there a command for this though?

I should have been more explicit that I’m trying to do this with a keyboard shortcut. Thank you for your response though!


Not that i am aware of…sry…

Perhaps it will make it into cubase 9 if you request it in the designated “requests” forum…
(Since its probably not too difficult to implement from a coding POV, not in the way of any other features, doesnt take away screen real estate etc.etc…)

Good luck:)