Zooming to cursor WL10

Hi All,

Is there a way to set the zoom, so that anywhere on the montage you place the cursor it zooms in & centers the audio where the cursor is?
Im able to do that with CNTL & Shift on WL 6, but I cant seem to find the parameter to set this on 10

On Mac I can hold COMMAND + SHIFT and zoom with my mouse scroll wheel and it zooms to wherever the playback cursor is. If you’re on Windows, I can’t speak to that.

Just press the up/down arrow keys.

ctrl + up arrow ?
and ctrl + down arrow to go back ?

Yeah, Im on Windows, thanks Justin.

PG, That does work, Thank you.
But is there any way to use my mouse scroll, like I could in WL6 in conjuction with CNTL or some other command like I could in WL6? This seems much less quick to jump around with the arrow keys