Zooming with mousewheel on macOS

We have a cheap Macally mouse here at our studio. We’ve been using WL Pro 10 on Windows since last year, and zoom-scrolling with the mouse wheel (alt-scrollwheel) has worked great.

We’ve moved over to a new macOS Mojave system and the same behavior has very little granularity – the steps in scrolling are far too large to be useful. For example: scrolling one notch up will zoom the Montage from the entire Montage view to about 30 seconds.

Scrolling in other parts of the application (File Browser, menus, etc) is fine. Scrolling in the rest of the OS is also fine. And again, the same mouse used in the Windows version scrolls as expected.

Zooming with keyboard shortcuts always works as expected. It’s just the mousewheel.

I haven’t had any luck finding a preference for this. Does anyone have any guidance?