Zooming with the mouse wheel inside inactive window

Hello everyone! While working on a project I came across an unexpected missing feature:

There are 2 layouts on a single screen in a vertical split scenario (a Score and a Part). Let’s say the active one is the Part. Using the mouse wheel I can scroll up/down/left/right. Nothing special there. But moving the pointer in the inactive tab (the Score) lets me scroll up/down/left/right in there too! Wonderful!! Is there a reason why zooming in and out doesn’t work the same way? Could it, please?

You should find that both scrolling and zooming takes effect in the view where the mouse pointer is located.

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Oh!.. Then I must be doing something wrong or maybe there is some software configuration or hardware issue.

I have a Logitech double wheeled mouse set up to use one wheel to left-right scrolling and the other one to up-down. When I want zooming in-out, I’m using ctrl+mouse wheel and it does not work as expected. The zooming occurs only in the active window, even if the mouse pointer is located in the inactive window.

Is this info useful for determining the possible problem? What could I do to make zooming work as it should?

There’s nothing that you can configure in Dorico to influence this behaviour, but perhaps there are some options in the Logitech software to control exactly what the wheels are doing? Perhaps one of the wheels is actually triggering some kind of key command rather than a “real” mouse wheel command?

I Haven’t managed to solve the problem yet.

I recorded the behavior as to be clearly seen: WeTransfer - Send Large Files & Share Photos Online - Up to 2GB Free

Thank you for your help!