01v96i and Using the Remote Layer

Hey there

I have followed the manuals to the letter and trying to setup using the 01V9i as a control surface. However I cannot get anything out of it as I keep getting a message on the REMOTE layer screen - ’ 01v9i has gone Off-line and is waiting for MIDI input’ —

Has anybody managed to set this up successfully? I have been trying for hours now in different combinations. NO luck.

I am using the USB cable for this purpose and have tried changing the USB ports in the DSIO/SETUP section underMIDI/HOST tab in the DAW section.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

I to am stuggling with the same problem did you have any joy fixing it ?

Thanks in advance

Now it is December 2012 and I am stopped by the same error within the the remote layer. Nothing can be done with the 96i, and I am ready to send it back. Wanted it “soooooo” bad. And all the reviews indicated a perfect match.

Am using Windows 7, Intel i7 @ 975. Everything looks great from PC. All channels engaged, to and from. Low latency, et al. But 96i truly has no contact. No reception of or control of any signal.

Must give up soon and return the unit… Sad. I saw indications of this on a German blog. The translation indicated that they ALL gave up on 64 and went to 32bit with Cubase 6. But I tried that, and that did not work with my Nuendo 5.5.5. No one, at those blog entries, or at any other, ever got back to say that the problem was solved.


VERY IMPORTANT UPDATE AND ANSWER for anyone trying to get their Yamaha 01V96i setup with Nuendo.
Dealer failed. Nuendo troubleshooter failed. Was ready to pack it up and send it back. Then the west coast (USA) Yamaha Pro Audio support contacted me. I worked with “Mike”. He immediately took remote control of my entire system over the net. Insurmountable problems, to others, were no problem at all, to him. He moved so quickly through Nuendo (yet, he is an apple man) and the 96i that I could just barely track what was happening on the screen. That was OK, because Mike was a teacher, and went back through everything in detail. And those details, as necessary as they are, are NOT in your setup instructions. From this point on, I would advise everyone, who gets the error that all of us got, or just have some other problem, to skip other sources, including Nuendo support. Go straight to Yamaha Pro Audio. Call 714-522-9011 (8:30A - 5P PST)You will save yourself grief, time and prevent product misconceptions.


just bought the 01v96i .really loving the sound but no midi activity at all ! everything is set up correctly in cubase 7 showing all the active input/output ports as 01v96i1/2 etc but getting message on 01v96i remote layer screen saying ’ 01v96i has gone off line and is waiting for midi input’. any ideas how to correct this issue from what the tech guy said to you from yamaha?

i’ll call the helpdesk at yamaha tomorrow but just itching to get it communicating!

kind regards


Go to set device set up, midi click the plus, a drop down listing among others the 96i. Use that, it did the trick for us…

Thanks, there’s no 96i there, only 96 versions and no XML file to be found for it anywhere on CDs and installation folders … i was talking about the 01v96i editor from within 64 bit Cubase 7.06 and 7.5 - Studio manager, the 01v96v2 editor etc works OK - F