1.0.30 and collision avoidance of rehearsal marks

There seems to be an introduced bug in 1.0.30 concerning collision avoidance of rehearsal marks. They do not move for high notes unless there is some added text. There were also strange things that happened in a file started on 1.0.20 in terms of me having to reset a few slurs and deal with a couple of technique texts that were not in the right place and also collided, but since I have corrected those, I cannot give you an example, and it may have been a one off … Nevertheless, here are two examples I wrote specifically for the problem stated in the subject. One without text, and one with. I’m quite certain this did not happen in version 1.0.20. Hopefully, it can be reproduced and then corrected.

I’m afraid this is not a new problem: rehearsal marks have always had the potential to collide with notes at the end of the bar prior to their attachment position. Nevertheless this is indeed in our bug tracker and we hope to address it soon-ish.

Thanks, it was a first for me. Bound to happen!