[1.1.30] Bugs found in latest version

Great news ! Happy to see that you are able to reproduce the issue, thank you !

Ok thank you

I did additional tests for the bug that allows me to change songs when the song is playing :
First thing, it’s seems not linked to my MIDI message because I’m also able to go to the next song with the shortcut of my keyboard.
Second thing : when I go to the next song when the first one is playing, if I stop the song and try to apply the shortcut again (or the midi message, the behavior is the same), the shortcut doesn’t work at all (it should work here because the transport part is in stop state). The workaround to retablish the fonction of the shortcut is to select another song with a clic of mouse. This seems to reinitialize the shortcut and after that I’m again able to reproduce the same bug with the shortcut.

I’m also a developer in everyday life and this makes me think that there would be a variable that might be initialized with the mouse click on a song and not when the shortcut (or MIDI message) is called.
What do you think ? Does that seem possible to you ? Can you check it please ?

It’s even worse, no Part is selected thereafter and internally 2 Songs are active. That is because one part of the code is attempting to fetch the condition (“not allowed when transport is running”), but another failed to do so. Not seeing the forest for the trees…finally got it, will of course be fixed with the next version. Thanks for beeing so helpful!

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Great news, thank you ! The next version already has a release date planned ?

Mid to end January, but no promise yet.

Thank you for the information.

I have found one another bug :
The state of mute button is not saved every for certain channel :

  • In the project, mute all channels in mixer tab
  • Save the project
  • Reopen the project
    => in my case (see screenshot), only the two first “out” mute state is saved, all others channels are unmuted after reopen the project

EDIT : seems to be the same thing for solo state for the two muted channels on my screenshot, state is not saved if I reopen the project


You are correct, will be fixed, thanks!

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Another bug: I wanted to move all events to another position, one bar later, because the first part of the first bar is not played. Therefor, I have selected all event with Ctrl-A. After moving, the events disappeared, except one. Undo brings back the events, but it is nor possible to move them.

If I don’t use Ctrl-A to select, but select all events individually, it can be moved. If you place the cursor on one of the lower tracks to move, all tracks are moved down, i.e. they disappear, although the red indicator, that shows the new positions, looks different.

Don’t know if this is still relevant, just in case. Could not reproduce this, so it is probably fixed with the next version. Otherwise it would be good to have a project to test against, thanks.

Hi Musicullum, thanks for the reply. This behavior is very much still relevant as it occurs in 1.1.30. I am sending you the project imported from Cubase and I am getting the following errors:

  1. The audio track is not displayed in the mixer, only the midi tracks. Labeling the faders with the instrument name instead of the track name makes no sense and means more work.
  2. Playback starts at bar time 3 in the first bar. Moving all audio events one bar forward solves the problem not really.
  3. Count-In only works when the metronome is activated, i.e. the metronome continues to run in the song, ok for performing with a live drummer. Count-In alone is not possible, but it is necessary because songs should not be played with a drummer, but with a drum track. The count-in doesn’t happen before playback, but in the first bar of the song, which is just not practical.
  4. Moving events does not work correctly. Move all events backward only works if the cursor is placed on the first track, otherwise tracks will be moved down and will be lost. Undo after moving sometimes leads to a crash.
    Good luck debugging (which should have happened in beta, or are we still there?). So far I haven’t been able to work properly with VST Live.
    Project.zip (688.7 KB)

Sure, I was refering to the next version which we are working on.
Thanks for the project, but it doesn’t reveal much w/o the cubase project. We improved both export and import, so we’d need both sides, sorry.

It is, but you need to expand the Song Channel (“ALone Again”) to see track sub-channels.

Don’t know what you mean by that so that has probably already been fixed. I see Drums and Drums (D) with events starting at 1.1.0


correct, tricky one because metro audio process needs to be active. Maybe an option “count-in only”.

will check.

The first two beats of drums can not be heard, at least for me.

Don’t have the data but testing reveals something fishy. Thanks!

I have already uploaded the Cubase Project here.

Thanks, it’s not easy to keep track and fix it all at once :slight_smile:

Fixed, thanks for finding.


First a big thanks to have fix the main issues that I have, I just start to test the version 1.1.41 and now I can perfectly switch between my songs with MIDI messages with my X32 when I don’t play songs and it’s correctly blocked if I try to go to the next song when I play another song. And also, the midi message is correctly sent to my x32 when I load a project.

But it seems that at least two bugs is steel present (I will continue to test the new version later to check the others bugs) :



Both should be fixed with the upcoming next version.

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