[1.1.42] issue with Audio File import

When I delete an Audio File/Event and then import a new audio file with the same name, VSTLive doesn’t take the new audio file, it imports the old deleted one again.

Yes. Duplicate file names doesn’t seem like VST Live’s favourite function. See my report on File references a bit down.

While Torbjorn is correct that duplicate files are problematic, this is a different issue.
It depends what you mean by “delete Audio File/Event”, because those are 2 different issues.
When you import an audio file, a copy (or converted file, if it’s not a .wav file) is created in the current project audio folder. If you now delete the audio event on the timeline and import the same file again, it is not beeing copied again even if it’s from a different location as long as the file size is the same. It “doesn’t take” the new file if it’s identical; the file reference saved with the project is that of the copy in the project folder that was created in the first place. The audio event refers to the copy it made, and it doesn’t matter what you do to the original file unless you delete that very copy (not recommended though).
But this is a complex issue and if you still find it wrong, pls let us know exactly what you delete, and where those 2 files are (same parent folder? project folder? Or just let us know the complete path), thanks!

We hope to have resolved duplicate file issues with the next version. We also added a preference “Import: Copy files to Project”, default true (as it is now), so you can import files w/o copying to the project folder. We will also add an option to the Cubase export function to decide whether to copy files to the destination, or reference original files.