[1.1.42] Some bugs


I have found an issue in the pre-release version :
The mute state is not saved in the mixer for the stereo out track :

I don’t sure if it’s normal or not but I think there is also icons missings :

The bug to set the tempo is not fixed and there seems to be an additional regression from the previous version :
I just set one time the tempo of the second song. The selection of another song generate a side effect who define the same tempo of the second song in the first song and the tempo of the second song is reset.


That is deliberately so, after complaints “I don’t hear a thing”.

You reported this before, and it’s still the same. I cannot get this to do what you showed. Can you start from scratch (new project) and try to create a sequence of actions to reveal this?

I’m ok for the default value when you create a project but it’s also deliberate when you save the project ?

Ok, I will do this. It’s not exactly the same bug I think. It seems time that before, it doesn’t affect the values of others songs.

The repro steps :

  • open VST Live
  • create a new project
  • Click on + button for add new song
  • Now, you have two song (the default song created with the project and the song created at the previous step)
  • Set the tempo of the second song to 130
  • Press enter to validate
  • Click on first song
  • Click on second song
    => the tempo of song 2 is reset to default value (120)

Yesterday, I have not exactly the same behaviour but I don’t know why. Yesterday, the tempo of second song was set in the the first song. It looks like an index problem in a list.

Edit : if I set the BPM with the field in the transport bar, I can also reproduce the bug.

I tried the steps above but the only issue I found is the Preroll.
If I set the tempo to 130bpm and I activate the Preroll, during Preroll, the tempo is 120bpm and the beep does not match with 120bpm as well as the sound is very bad/strange.

Tried to uninstall and install again VST Live, but still the issue. I don’t know how reset VST Live complete installation.

In my case, the preroll is disabled. The bug is systematic. Activate the preroll change nothing to the bug that I observe. For me it’s two different bugs.

But I confirm that I have also the bug described by @magicguigui with the preroll.

I could reproduce the transfer of tempo from song2 to song1 but still with Preroll.

After creating song2, set tempo to 140bpm and active Preroll (song1 is still 120bpm). Start song2 but stop in preroll time.

Click on song1 => song1 becomes 140bpm

It seems that tempo, signature etc can be impacted by changing of song.

… confirmed. We will analyse it.


… I wonder it has something to do with your “default Song”? Can you please share your default song with us? It’s located here
C:/Users/YourUserName/Documents/VSTLive/templates → vlSongTemplate.vlsong

Thank you,

You can find my default song file here. It’s seems that I have also a layer template, I included it in the zip file just in case :
Templates.zip (290.4 KB)

… thank you, @zipang. We can reproduce it and analyse it.


… we have fixed it. There is a workaround : The “problem” is your empty Tempo Track inside your Default Song. Remove the Tempo Track from your Default Song and save it again. Then it will work. Next version has fixed the problem.


… workaround #2. Add a Tempo event with 120 at Pos 1.1.1 to your Tempo Track. Save it as your Default Song. Now it will work, too.


Thanks, I will test theses workaround

I can confirm the workaround 1 works. For the second workaround, I started by having the bug one time but after change another time the tempo at Pos 1.1.1, it seems to works too.



I can confirm that the bug is fixed with v1.1.43, thanks !