1.1.52 down on opening project

How are you doing?

I updated to Ver. 1.1.52 and my project won’t open.

  1. Click Vst Live icon
  2. Hub window coming up
  3. Select my project to open
  4. Start loading Song data
  5. Suddenly application window closed and project won’t come up

there’re no problem on 1.1.51.
Something changed?

Sure there are always changes, but we opened a lot of projects w/o problems.
It would be very helpful for us to know what causes your crash. If you let us know your OS (Windows, Mac) we can tell you where to find crash reports that you can send to us that should have been saved on your system. Even more helpful would be your project file (.vlprj), no audio files etc needed. You may also try to open VST Live, click “New Project” and in menu “Help/Clean User Data”, and check if it works then. In any case pls. let us know how it turns out, thanks.

Thank you.
OS is Windows 10 22H2.
I’m gonna try clean up after I send you a crash file and project file.

I found the path of crash report folder from past issues.
Here’s a crash report.
VST Live Version 1.1.52 2023.2.26 (940.0 KB)

And also a project file didn’t open.
BRH_BaseSongs_vlprj.zip (1.4 MB)

I’m sorry. The problem solved.

I’ve Done “Clean User Data” but it down again.
But when I opened “New Project”, attention message comes up on dialog which says “Halion Sonic SE can’t find some instrument data”.
I Didn’t install Halion full.
The attention message has been up since I installed VST Live but I ignored it.

The project open after I installed Halion full.
Thanks for your support!