1.1.60 - issues

Hello guys!

On my setup VSTLive is now much more stable, than a few versions before :slight_smile:

  • Does anyone has delay-compensation issues with VSTLive?
    When creating a Group/Aux channel, sending signal to it, it seems, VSTLive’s delay-compensation is not in sync. Eperiencing delay even w.o. any instert-fx, by just routing Ch signal to stereo-out and sending the same Ch to an Aux/Grp.

  • Also some bugs from earlier, like all-selected items dragging and cue-start seems to look forward to future fix.

  • Video playing is still not smooth for me. Not every time, but at certain places in the visual… (same laptop, Reaper, VLC, Resolume Arena… even running Reaper + Resolume paralelly, no problem)

  • (Edit/)DMX List Editor & MIDI editor: “+” not adding new line,( “-” is deleting line as expected, Lyrics editor adds new line by pressing “+”. )

  • MIDI Editor (key editor) Velocity drawing is hard or impossible to acchieve.

Dear @Spork, @musicullum, did you had some time find if video playing is also not smooth - on you test environment - playing my project (my test project shrinked to you) I sent you in PM in “age of” v1.1.55? I still can’t figure the problem out and I would be happy with smooth video playing of my visuals.

[quote=“fkalmus, post:2, topic:840955”]
did you had some time find if video playing is also not smooth
[/quote]Sorry, it’s a lot to take.

At least, VST Live plays the video better than Cubase. It is a very demanding 4k 100 MB/sec video and it depends on the codec and what else is running. Some apps may use codecs with GPU support, then it may be smooth.
You should convert it to a less demanding format, usually there are no visible differences. We will look to see if we can improve video performance based on your video format.

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Hi @musicullum ,

thank you very much for checking!

I’m sure about you guys did a great job with VSTLive. (I just use Cubases’s video track for composing music only, therefore some acceidentally dropped frame no such a big deal there)

Any improvements on video performance would be very welcome for VST Live. As a “show player app” for artists, it’s intended to play HQ video track on LED wall, etc… :sunglasses:
(for reference, on the same laptop: Reaper, VLC, Resolume Arena plays absolutely smooth, so the computer technically seems to be capable for playing ok my “demanding muxed” visuals)


Wouldn’t output to a video wall from a laptop though :slight_smile:

Understood, we’ll check. Presumably it’s a GPU issue.

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you wouldn’t belive :wink: sometimes we use a hdmi to sdi mediaconverter, but absolutely! (don’t think about stadium concert shows… albeit I see lots of laptops there also). Sometimes venues has projectors, sometimes they are connected via TCP/IP mediaconvertes that has 400-600msec latencies.

Good to speak about!!!
Video DELAY COMPENSATION offset setting in Preferences - 0-999msec is enough anytime - would be very very helpful in real life situations.

been there :slight_smile:
Playback is output to the Song buss by default, you might add a delay insert there? Admittedly, that won’t work for MIDI tracks outputting to physical MIDI.

You mean insert audio fx on outputs to each ST-OUTs (OUT3-4, InEarOUT, etc…)? Actually not a “+” delay is what we need this time, but pre-read video track a few milliseconds. Unless using a relative short direct-connection e.g: HDMI-HDMI cable, but some mediaconverters because of distance, there would be some latency in video playing on the stage every time, every venue a bit different. Not too much, but you can absolutely feel they are not in time. Therefore the “-” delay global setting for each VideoOUT :slight_smile:

All audio playback is routed to the Song bus by default, and you may route MIDI track to plugins audio output there as well. Then you delay that playback audio only so to adjust against the video lag. You don’t want to delay the main busses of course, just playback for compensation.