1.1.63: Midi Messages get lost randomly (Program Change)

Today I updated to 1.1.63 and I’ve got trouble with program changes via Midi.

I’m sending program change messages from VST Live to my TC Electronics GSystem for switching between the patches. I want to transmit the program change and a CC000/msb value 1, 2 or 3:
value 1 = factory presets
value 2 = user presets 0-99
value 3 = user presets 100-199

I created Song parts with midi layers, msb value 1 (for user presets) and different program change values. So the program change works…nearly.
The gsystem is switching to the right program numbers, but sometimes it switches (randomly) to the factory presets.
So I think, the CC000/msb value gets lost or is buggy.

I’m doing the same process in Cubase without any of these problems.
I also tried this via Midi-connection and via USB-Connection to the gsystem with the same results.

Hope this is gonna be fixed soon,
Maybe the program change could also be send in a midi track, similar to cubase…? :slight_smile:

Program Change and Bank Select are working fine here when sent from a Layer. You may want to check with a Midi Monitor, for instance the built-in Midi Monitor, given you use physical MIDI, you can create a loop for that. You don’t say how you send MIDI?

Add a MIDI track, double click to create a MIDI event, then menu Edit/MIDI List Editor.

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Hi, ok it works. Thank you!
I didn’t know the Midi List Editor function.
Would be great if there will be an opportunity to “draw” the program change into the Midi bar (as in cubase), for the future.
Thank you very much! :slight_smile: