1.1.63: Midi Messages get lost randomly (Program Change)

Today I updated to 1.1.63 and I’ve got trouble with program changes via Midi.

I’m sending program change messages from VST Live to my TC Electronics GSystem for switching between the patches. I want to transmit the program change and a CC000/msb value 1, 2 or 3:
value 1 = factory presets
value 2 = user presets 0-99
value 3 = user presets 100-199

I created Song parts with midi layers, msb value 1 (for user presets) and different program change values. So the program change works…nearly.
The gsystem is switching to the right program numbers, but sometimes it switches (randomly) to the factory presets.
So I think, the CC000/msb value gets lost or is buggy.

I’m doing the same process in Cubase without any of these problems.
I also tried this via Midi-connection and via USB-Connection to the gsystem with the same results.

Hope this is gonna be fixed soon,
Maybe the program change could also be send in a midi track, similar to cubase…? :slight_smile:

Program Change and Bank Select are working fine here when sent from a Layer. You may want to check with a Midi Monitor, for instance the built-in Midi Monitor, given you use physical MIDI, you can create a loop for that. You don’t say how you send MIDI?

Add a MIDI track, double click to create a MIDI event, then menu Edit/MIDI List Editor.

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Hi, ok it works. Thank you!
I didn’t know the Midi List Editor function.
Would be great if there will be an opportunity to “draw” the program change into the Midi bar (as in cubase), for the future.
Thank you very much! :slight_smile:

I am having a similar issue where some of my MIDI messages seem to be getting lost. I’m using a MIDI track to send specific commands (no layers - theres only one or two messages in each song) outputting to a WIDI bud pro. Seems mainly to happen with the patch changes as the start of a song Most of the commands sent mid-song are fine. Any thoughts on what could be causing that?

Additionally there is an infuriating random MIDI message that sends t the start of the second song. Before it actually plays, just when the song is selected it seems to spew out a random MIDI message that sets my Kemper to a completely different setting. I cant find anywhere that would send it. Is there some ‘send command on song selection’ setting Ive missed?

There is a preference for chase events, when enabled, it will send midi messages if present at (or up to) the current position in one or more MIDI tracks.

Yes mate Ive had a play with chase events for both MIDI and DMX (took me a little while to realise what it did lol). Doesn’t seem to alter this behaviour of losing some messages during a song playback or sending a random one at the start of that song.

w/o chase events active, there’s merely Layers sending MIDI volume, pan, and program change/bank select, if any. In the Layer view, you can select “MIDI” for controls and ctrl/click volume and pan, which will make those not send anything. If you also set Program Change to “OFF”, nothing should be sent at all.
To find out who sends what, you can set the output of the suspected Track or Layer to “Virtual MIDI 3 Out” (for instance), and watch Devices/MIDI Monitor set to the same numbered “Virtual Midi 3 In”, Virtual MIDI Out x → In x function like cables.


This type of thing is still happening. I learned where those random midi messages were in the set and got around it, assuming id done something wrong in the programming. Now im working on a new project and there is one particular midi note in the middle of a song that will not send. It is in the ‘MIDI events list’ at bar 56.1.3 to send 11 127. But on my device nothing happens. When I observe the MIDI monitor as you described above all the other commands appear but that one does not. I have deleted and reprogrammed the whole song and it seems to be fixed. Subsequently while rehearsing I noted some changes not happening on the Kemper. These continue not to send until I go into the actual bottom viewing window and look at my MIDI command during playback where it seems to ‘remember’… then its fine. Any ideas? Bear in mind Im not using layers, I am creating a MIDI event, sending out to my WIDI Bud Pro and using the MIDI event editor to type i the commands and times.

Never had that. It would be helpful if you could apply “Save Archive” and send us a zip file. You may remove all other tracks if you like, also load the archived project to check if the problem still persists so that we can reproduce it. Thanks a lot!

Hi, i have the same problem on a helix. Since 1.4. 63, somtetimes i have to start a song twice to get the program chancg to the helix. The second time the program change works always. (the problem is only when there is a “program change” the change to another snapshot is always working)

i also tried this:

it works a bit better


what if in your 2nd list you use 1.1.2,3,4 (instead of 1,2,3), and do you have “chase events on start “ activated?

YES! This is happening to me a lot. Ill start a song and no response from the kemper. I press Pause… then play… and boom it initiates the correct patch. Its also randomly started sending twice for some songs (which initiates an unwanted boost). I have chase events on start, but this is when I begin a track it sometimes sends twice. Makes it really difficult to program a show at the moment but struggling to find a common cause behind this seemingly irrational behaviour.

Yes i have “chase events on start “ active but i tried also with off, no difference.
i dont know exactly what you mean with

, could it be a speed problem, that the message is not readable in the short time?
(it worked nearly one year with no problem)

i tried your suggestion, while i did so i find some strange thing. when i jump up to the next song the changes are right, when i jump backwards, the changes are not assumed

(save, close, start again, same!)

You’re right, same here!

We changed some related issues so pls check again with the upcoming v2 prerelease. Will check again in any case.

i tried with 2.0.6, but it still don’t work …https://drive.google.com/file/d/1_3HT6WqA0_yzhEqDqJ9bCPf31oYt3HhR/view?usp=drive_link

will check, thanks!

What i found out so far:
. No matter win or mac
. when i start the song after the midi massage it works (with “chase events on start “)
. sometimes only the “banksel.msb” is sent (see video)

hope it helpes, Andi