1.1.65 issue: stack VOLUME meter display has too much range - it's annoying noise signal very low

Simply the display meter of the stack volume (all chain, input, fader, output, and the follow signal flow, of course) is TOO MUCH HI RANGE.

It show an annoyng signal (maybe too low, the background noise of the audio device at minimun

Without any cable connected to the audio device (UR44 for me), and GAIN KNOB AT MINIMUN (totally left) , stack display an annoying signal , maybe below -60 or -80, NOT USEFUL .

If you connect the cable (mic or jack with audio instrument), and turn gain knob on the UR44, at 1/2 or 3/4 , as before, nothing change, no more increment of noise displayed, of course without play or sing into the mike, silence.

The noise displayed maybe is the noise of the device, but is less than -80db usually, so it is too much sensitive.

It is not happened in previous version.

can you fix? thanks.

ā€¦ yes, of course. Thank you for reporting,

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