1.1.66 select - multiselect / event-start / drag /

I’m sorry, but I can’t figure out this behaviour. Different view zoom, event handles, etc… they are just working me unpredictable. Below attached a few different videos, same song. But that behaviour is the same with other tracks also.

Hi @fkalmus,

Thank you for pointing us to it. We’ll fix it


Sure! I sent similar videos a few weeks/mounths ago, and I see, timeline drag developed a lot by updates to update. Just wanted to let you know, theese type of “unpredictable” behaviour still appears on my setup.

The question is nost just the multiselect capabilities, but the random behaviour with the event handles (the small boxes at edges), like they are appearing or not, even using larger vertical zoom, or doing drag by touching left-btm-corner (instead of event start adjustment).