1.1.71. problem with Lyrics sync with iOS app if

I have this sometimes:
If a song has lyrics, it shows correctly
If next song doesn’t have a Lyrics track, last loaded Lyrics track is remaining showed on iOS app (regardless it’s not that song anymore).
If stepping again to a song with Lyrics track, it gets back to sync (even if Lyrics track is empty, iOS app/Lyrics gets back to sync)

I don’t know if you can reproduce this, I meight send a video about a few mounths ago, but that time I didn’t narroved this only happens me when doing steps above. If team can’t see, can’t reproduce, feel free to let me know, I will take a short video with the computer and iOS device next to each other.

… thank you, @fkalmus. We’ll have a look as soon as possible,


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Hi @Spork ,

unfortunately issue remained with After uninstall-reinstall too. I don’t know if you could reproduce this symptom. Uninstall-reinstall, also this update is constantly reproducing it.
Only workaround to introduce lyrics track regardless if needed of left empty.


… we need to fix it in the VST Live Mods application. Coming soon.


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Hi Michael! at least it’s than not an isolated issue located only on my setup :wink: Txh for reply! I will keep my eyes on Appstore update.