1.1.73 Midi Clock Output not saved

Dialog Preferences…
“Midi Clock Output” value not saved.
After start of VSTLive “Midi Clock Output” is always “not connected” (nc)

I think the best way would be a checkbox next to each MIDI output to decide if it sends clock or not.
I’m really glad Midi clock is now available but I was expecting it could be on every out… The workaround I’m thinking of is tricky : select a Virtual Midi out for Midi Clock output. In the global part, create as many layers as the number of Midi outputs that require Midi clock and for each, set the Virtual Midi as input. Not tested yet…

… for the moment VL has a “Global Midi Clock Out” with one port. And the assigned port will now be saved and restored. Next update.


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…would not work, because Layers currently ignore realtime and sysex input. We will add filters for SysEx, MTC, and Midi Clock in Layer Controller Map soon.

We are also working on Port Groups, which would solve that problem, and some other.

Hi! It’s been a while…

Have you made some progress on this one? SysEx through Layers is really important to the project I with on. I plan to use a Boss Gigcaster as a mixer/audio interface, and it only responds to SysEx, no CC…

Thanks a lot.

Sorry, drowning in requests, fixes and improvements.
Next version features sysex filter - default is on (blocked) as it is now.


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The more you give, the more we take :grin:

Thank you so much! I’m not very active on the forum but still reading most of the posts. VL fits 95% of my needs in my live band project not using tracks, and I’m just waiting for the version that will allow more than one loop to replace my Miditemp MSX on my main activity, solo performances with Midi tracks.

Have a good evening!