1.1.87 MIDI Routing bug

For my VSTLive setup I need 2 MIDI outputs defined in “Connections”.
I need a MIDI Clock Output set in “Preferences”.
It workes fine so far.

After quit VSTLive and restart the MIDI routing has changed!
“Connections” creates a new, unwanted MIDI Output.
In “Preferences” the routing of MIDI Clock Output das changed to the new, self created output!


After restart:

The software should NOT do things like changing routings or anything else in the background without asking or informing the user!

VSTLive is a product which is created for using on stage.
It is very important, that the software recovers in total to the last used setup after a quit and restart or a reboot of the computer (in case of power loss, etc.)

That includes:

  • Automatic loading of the last project after start of VSTLive
  • Selecting the last played song, rewind it to the beginning without starting
  • Recover ALL routings
  • No dialogs to click for the user if all went well

Suggestion for one of the next versions:

  • Optional Autoload of the last project.
  • Routing setups should not be spreaded to different dialogs (Preferences, Connections).
  • A dedicated area in the main dialog window which shows ALL actual routings without clicking into menues.

Good idea, it is on our list already.

It does not. No port is created automatically at all, except the main stereo output (audio).
However, why Midi Clock Out is activated remains a secret. There is almost no other explanation but that you (accidently?) clicked the menu, chose said hardware port - which automatically creates a new port, and if you don’t provide a name as suggested, takes the hardware port name as in your case.
Connections are saved locally, and with the project. They will remember many assignments, so that it finds hardware ports when you change hardware environment (studio, rehearsal, stage); if a harware port cannot be found as stored, it will check if other hardware ports had ever been assigned when saved elsewhere (up to 32), and assign it instead of the missing port. Maybe that is a hint.