1.1 Master Pages Glitch

Hi Daniel–
I updated my master pages and then the scores did not update to reflect the changes. The scores even maintained their incorrect formatting after restarting the program even though the master pages retained the edits I had made to them.

Here’s a brief 26 second clip showing the behavior (unlisted)


And another bug (30 secs):
When trying to “swap with next/previous page” the only thing that changes are the contents of two text boxes.

The file is of two hymns that were both native dorico files (one flow in each project) that were then imported into one newly created project by importing flows.

First bug:

Both pages have manual overrides. That is what the red triangles in the corner means, in the right hand panel.

If you have overridden the default page formatting, changing the default won’t affect that page.

Delete the manual overrides (right click in the right hand panel) and see what that gives you.

Second bug: I don’t know what the problem is here, but again you have manual overrides on both pages so that might be the reason.

Well, it is interesting… the only overrides that I had had was what was in the left text boxes (hymn tune name) because there isn’t a token for that and I didn’t fake it with a different token. On the master pages the left text boxes are empty. I didn’t think that typing some text in those boxes should keep them from being properly positioned on the page according to the master template. Perhaps this is a behavior that should be updated?

I did delete the overrides and the pages were adjusted to fit the master pages. Doing this deleted the text in those boxes however so I had to retype it (to be expected I guess). Perhaps I do need to fake that token with a different field so it is automatically handled.

As for the second, manual overrides or not, shouldn’t the pages still switch if you tell them to? It seems a little odd to me that only those two text boxes would change… but you must be on to something with the manual overrides thing since those were the only parts of the page affected, and they are the only things that “stray” from the master page set. Perhaps it didn’t want to change them because it wouldn’t know how to handle the two boxes that were overridden? The irony, of course, is that both L&R master pages are identical. The only wild-card is the manually added text. Since the layout is identical it seems to me that it shouldn’t cause a problem but simply change the text. I could understand if it was more of a problem with wildly different L&R layouts.

I don’t think your video shows enough detail to solve the second problem. If you attach the score here somebody might be able to explain what’s happening.

To solve the first problem without using an override, you could put the text in the Project Information for each flow (if the two hymns are different flows) and Dorico will then automatically put the correct text on each page. If you edit the master page, you can see the default contents of the left box are the wildcard {@flowLyricist@}. You can edit that to change that to a different wildcard name if you want. {@flowTitle@} or {@flowSubtitle@} might be more meaningful for a hymn name.

You said “The left box on the master pages are empty.” That isn’t quite correct - the left box contains a wild card which doesn’t have a value in the Project Info.

If you edit a page in the layout and change the contents of a frame defined in the master page on that single page, that counts as an “override.” Dorico won’t automatically revert to the default contents for that frame and delete your edit!

Yes, I think I will have to re-appropriate one of the tokens for this work.
[FEATURE REQUEST: 2 or 3 custom fields with corresponding {@flowCustom1@}, etc. commands in the project/flow info panels.]
Each hymn is indeed an independent flow. Alternatively I suppose I could change the flow order. I wasn’t particularly concerned with changing them, tbh, I simply tried to swap order in the hopes that the scores would re-render and update to the layout specified in master pages. When nothing changed I was surprised and wanted to share it.

(Regarding my feature request: I realize now that I can use the “Other Info” panel although I can also imagine that there would be use cases for multiple custom fields depending on the type of work your doing.)

I think changing the flow order is the easiest way to do this.