1.1 spacing adjustments

As I peruse through the 1.1 version history, I find that several adjustments have been made to the way Dorico handles spacing: vertical justification and “Minimum distance between adjacent rhythmic items” both work slightly differently than they did before. If I open in v1.1 a score I produced and completed in a version prior to 1.1, when will these adjustments take effect? Will the score be re-spaced as soon as the project is opened, or are these adjustments part of the “series of engines” that Dorico engages with every edit to continually produce optimal spacing, in which case I presume the score will remain in its pre-v1.1 condition until I make an edit, at which point all the adjustments will be applied?

The adjustments will be applied as soon as you open your project, so if you have made a lot of vertical spacing adjustments in Dorico 1.0.30 or earlier, you may find that the spacing now looks different, because the adjustment is now relative to a different default position. If you find that the horizontal spacing looks very different, one option to get back to something closer to what Dorico 1.0.30 or earlier produced would be to set ‘Minimum distance between adjacent rhythmic items’ to something truly tiny like 1/1024.