[] - Xfer Serum interface issues

There seems to be an issues with the interface when loading an instance of the Serum VSTi. This happens across all projects of VST Live:

This is purely an issue with the interface, the plugin is outputting sound correctly and is playable / tweakable using quick controls. The interface responds but is not usable as is. Using Cubase 12, the plugin and the interface loads normally. This is on a Macbook Air running MacOS Monterey 12.6.6, with Xfer Serum version 1.363, using version of VST Live.

Has anyone else experienced this or had similar issues? Other VSTi’s or effects load as normal.

Could you explain more detailed what happens, or what doesn’t happen as expected? Thanks!

When opening Serum as a VSTi (VST3) in VST Live, the interface will look like the screenshot above, meaning it is not usable for editing. Any method of adding this instrument in VST Live will cause the interface to look as above (track or layer). Restarting VST Live or reloading Serum will not work. Neither will reinstalling Serum. As mentioned, the sound from Serum will be correct and it is possible to load patches and tweak settings, but it is not possible to do any serious editing as long as the interface is broken. Other VSTis such as Massive X will load correctly.

Loading the same plugin in Cubase 12 or Ableton 11 will show the interface correctly, which is why I’m inclined to think it’s something to do with how VST Live handles the plugin.


I’ve tried it with VL 1.2.0 on macOS 11 (Big Sur) and macOS 13 (Ventura). No problems.

I’ve installed the latest Serum Version 1.326 (Demo). You are running that version, too? Do you have some special settings for the macOS? Or special Serum settings? I guess the Zooming is default=100%?

And I guess you are running an Intel-Mac? Because we are talking about VST2?

What’s left? Your macOS 12 (Monterey). But it would be very strange if that OS-Version is the cause of the problem. But you never know. Is there anybody around with macOS 12? Do you have the time to install the Serum Demo version? Can you confirm the problem?

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Running an Apple Silicon Mac, but I actually managed to solve it by running the VST2 version instead of the VST3 version. Rescaling the Serum window with the VST3 version did work as well, but only until the plug-in window was closed, but the VST2 version is running as it should!

… ah, VST3. The demo does not install a VST3 version of it. We’ll contact the manufacturer of it.


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