[] Missing display of MOTU Midi Port #8

[] Missing display of MOTU midi port #8
Hello, I own a Motu MIDI Express XT whose midi port I have included in VST Live pro.
Unfortunately, the midi port #8 is no longer displayed in the device selection list.
This also affects all VST Live versions before [].
Please add a vertical and horizontal scroll bar to the selection list.
I am using Windows 10 Home edition.
Thank you very much in advance.
Greetings Herbert

Hi @Herbert_Schmitt,

that’s a strange one. I guess if you will click to the first row (Port 1 on MXPXT) the full list will be shown? Or is one of the last “Virtual MIDI : VM Out” ports missing? Can I please see a screenshot of that scenario?
Beside this? Which Windows version are you running? Anything special? Which display resolution do you have? Which window scaling (100%, 125%, 150%, …)?

Thank you,

Hi @Michael,
thank you very much for your quick solution suggestion.
I have tried all your suggestions. Unfortunately none of the suggestions led to success.
If I click on the first position in the Midi IN area, I see that all Midi Devices present in the system are displayed. https://europe1.discourse-cdn.com/steinberg/original/3X/3/a/3a6553c8f5324cad484dc3cc1d8b8cf801a8ff40.png

Midi Device are not shown when the listing list bumps to the bottom screen.

My Computer System Data:

Prozessor Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E3-1231 v3 @ 3.40GHz 3.40 GHz
Installierter RAM 32,0 GB
Systemtyp 64-Bit-Betriebssystem, x64-basierter Prozessor
Stift- und Toucheingabe Für diese Anzeige ist keine Stift- oder Toucheingabe verfügbar.
Edition Windows 10 Home
Version 22H2
Installiert am ‎14.‎06.‎2023
Betriebssystembuild 19045.2965
Leistung Windows Feature Experience Pack 1000.19041.1000.0
It would be very grateful for any further support.
My window scaling is 100%
Thanks Herbert