[1.2.5] [1.2.2] Copying and pasting a DMX item does not copy the DMX data

Steps to reproduce:

  • Create an item on a DMX track and write some DMX data into it
  • Select the item and click “copy”
  • Move playback to another position and with the same track selected, click “paste”
  • A DMX item with the same length as the copied item is created at the playback position
  • The pasted DMX item contains no DMX data

Expected behaviour:

  • The pasted item contains the same DMX data as the copied item

Issue first noticed in 1.2.2, still present in 1.2.5

… thank you, @MorayM. It’s fixed and ready for the next update,

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That was quick! Thanks a lot, I’ll look out for the update.