[1.2.6] Bug / Feature request: Mixer channels seem to hop around unprovoked

I am having an issue where the mixer positions for each song seem to shift around if shifting from one song to another, sometimes when closing and opening the project again. It may stem from what seems like mixer positions sometimes not starting from 1, as in this screenshot:

Note: If I click on the insert / send button for the first channel, mixer positions reset.

These should be the same config as another song, but here it starts at 1:

(Also, in my original setup it went: Mic in-Mic Rev-Mic Dly-Git In-Bass In-Song-OUTS, which, when I reopened the project was reset to the above).

My wish / request:

  1. Being able to lock mixer positions for globals (layer/stack/groups/outs) so I don’t run into the issue where I have configured a midi controller CC to send volume for channel X, but is no longer the correct input as they have shifted around (this can happen during playback when moving to the next song as well, not just editing)

  2. OR (And this to me feels like a more precise solution either way) Being able to create shortcuts / actions for a specific channel (or stack/layer for that matter) by name and not just a position. Since we don’t have any way of locking them down there might be differences between how songs are set up, and this would solve this issue. (Metronome f.ex, seem to hop around, and will not be active on every song, which means its position in the mixer is not always the same)

Bottom line is, I want to be sure that the parameter I have set up for my controller will always be that exact parameter and not have to worry about if my mic is no longer channel 2 and I am adjusting the wrong send.


The same issue here… good news is that the guys are working on a solution for the problem

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