[1.2.6] clipping/popping audio between songs transition

Hi, I hope it’s clear on the video (turn on the audio). During the transition to new song you can hear an audio popping. I stop, replay and everything is fine, so I suppose it’s a transition issue.
I hope it can be fixed.
In the meantime, any tips to fix it?

Thank you all,


There is no seamless transition when you cut in the middle of an audio track. Layers and Stacks should not cause clicks, but to avoid it for tracks, set Song End behind track events, or program a fadeout before Song End.

it doesn’t depend on the end of the song, but on the beginning of the new one. I have tried everything, even with fade out and fade in but the problem persists. In the video at the second 0:13 it’s quite clear: the project is stopped, and I click play directly on the new song, but we hear a small clip, a jump. It’s like it doesn’t have time to load the audio right away and cuts a millisecond or more when it starts. I tried with different tracks and it always does, it cuts something at the beginning, just the first few milliseconds.
At this point I wonder if it’s just me. Maybe it depends on my sound card or my computer…

It looks like you have many audio tracks, and preloading of audio (from audio files) is not fast enough. We will add a check so that sufficient data are proloaded before the start command is issued. Thanks for reporting!

Pls try again with todays 1.2.7, better?

Really better! It’s fixed when it’s playng.

on the contrary the problem is still there when I’m stopped and I switch directly to another song.

Thank you so much, I really appreciate how you fixed the problem so quickly :pray:

Makes sense, we‘ll fix that too, when a Song is started manually.

I had the same issue till 1.2.6. Up to 1.2.7 this occured 3 out 4 times when I switched to another song with the mouse. I didn’t switch in consecutive order of the setlist, but more or less randomly. With 1.2.7 it was nearly gone. Today, when switching ~20 times it occured only once. So the problem seems to be still there, but was much improved.

Hi, is there a way how to use different songs connected with transition t have seamless show?
I would like to have always sound on the backing track without dropouts while moving to the next song.
Currently the songs are connected for example with nature sound which I would like to use as a seperate track seamless from the end of a song till the first 5 seconds of the next song.

see Show report - #2 by musicullum

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Thanks for the summary. Is there already a rough timeplan until when the seamless transition will be implemented? I would like to create our complete song and setlist with VST Live but if the release with the feature of seamless transistion is already near I would just wait :wink: